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Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you doing! I hope you are doing well. Here is my new project in designing which I will call Pleated Dress with Braided Lace. I am going to share with you step by step how I made my Eid dress. I am excited to share with you some new ideas that I come up with (If you do not like to read then skip this to watch a video down below or you can see on right side of the page there is my Youtube play list Fashion designing' you can watch videos by clicking it) Let us start the making of my Eid dress...
If you have read my fabric haul post then you will probably know. The material I am working on is Silk (for undergarment), White Soft Mesh (for undergarment as skirt) and Light Gold Viscous Shimmer Thin Fabric (for main dress)In this post, I am working on undergarment and dress blouse. As usaul all the basics for example putting the marks and cutting the fabric. You know my easy trick of dress chart, which save a lot of time. If you are new to this than you can read my previous post here - Dress chart for any dress style
Silk Fabric (for undergarment)White Soft Mesh/Net FabricAnd Light Gold Viscous Shimmer Thin Fabric (for blouse)I cut the undergarment and blouse material together by putting a dress chart. Only difference is the length, it is on your liking how long you want your dress to be. I wanted my dress length up to my foot ankles. Because this material is very silky so it is better to pin it before cutting, it makes it a lot easier to handle when moving around...This is how undergarment looks...Dress Blouse...Then I move on to secure the necklines. I made four long stretchy stripes...I put the stripe on right side of fabric and sew blouse/undergarment front and back necklines (showing a picture of only dress blouse, the undergarment looks the same)I also sew shoulder and blouse side seam...I cut the blouse and undergarment sleeves by putting the sleeve chart onto fabric. The fabric for dress sleeves was a little bit less. I have practically shown in the video how to cut sleeves this way, if you have less fabric left over. So make sure to watch it because I cannot explain it properly by writing it all here...If you are wondering how to sew sleeves to the blouse then hop on to my Youtube channel. This time I make sure to film step by step the basics for example: sewing neckline, shoulder seam, side seam of blouse, sleeves and how to attach sleeves to a dress...Blouse is ready just need few touches which needs to be done in the end...And this is how the undergarment looks, sometime it is hard to take full picture :D...I wanted a lot of flare on this dress, which means more fabric, more money spend. But you know me I like to spend less money on things. So here is what I did. 
Because this was an undergarment, I decided to make a frill of left over fabric and attach it to the bottom of the undergarment. Yes, it does look a bit unprofessional but it does give a look of flare.

How I made the frill - You want to gather the edge of the fabric, you then sew one or two lines of basting inside the seam allowance, then pull the bobbin thread(s) to create the gathers. I joined two long pieces of left over fabric together and made one long strip of fabric. At the top of that piece, I sew two long baste stitches. At the bottom, I secure the fabric with normal stitch. I also baste stitch soft mesh net...
Seam of two long pieces of left over fabric...Two long Baste stitch...Bottom of the frill...After gathering the baste stitch (net skirt and silk frill)I sew the frill to the undergarment and you can see how it gives more flare. This is just an idea, if you want more flare then make more frill and attach at the bottom of your undergarment...Well that is it for the first part of making an Eid dress. In my next post I will be sharing how I make pleated skirt (dress) If you are liking my work then make sure to follow me here and subscribe to my Youtube channel to never miss a post/video. Have a beautiful day beautifuls x!

A ♡ O
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✂️Making of Pleated Dress with Braided Lace✂️ Part 1

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  1. I love reading about your projects. They are so cool. Can't wait for your next post to see the Eid dress once it's complete.


    1. Thank you so much for always giving motivation beautiful ♡ x!




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