Fabric haul 2016 Part 1


Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you are doing well. I had a little fun picking fabrics at the fabric store near to us...
The mini fabric vlog below has all my picks. I went there the week before of Ramadan and spent of my Pocket money on fabric. After I got home, I went on Amazon I placed an online order for some sewing supplies I ran out of and some on blazers, which I will share with you in another post. Therefore, the pile of purchases continued to grow for a while there – but I am done now! Officially, on a no-buy until I finish a few projects. Speaking of that in addition to this being a haul it is also going to be a peak into what projects I am planning for the next few weeks. I was also shopping for plain fabrics that would work for the foundation garments to go under them. I promise there are many pretty fabrics to share but I am going to leave some to another post...
Navy/blue Solid Satin Fabric- £2 MetreShimmer Snakeskin Fabric- £4 MetreGold Polka Fabric- £3 MetreBlack cotton- £1m, Black velvet Fabric- £3 MetreBlack Chiffon Fabric - £2 MetreShimmer Silver Fabric- £3.50 MetreWhite Soft Mesh/Net Fabric - £1.50 yardWhite Silk Fabric - £2.50 MetreLight Gold Viscous Shimmer Thin Fabric - £3 MetreEmbroidery design with pearl net Fabric - £5 MetreStiff Dress Net Tutu Tulle Fabric - Black and Off White - £2 Metre EachThin Elastic and Threads - 0.50p EachThat is it. This was huge money spent for me and I have no plans to buy any fabric in the near future because of this (There are more pretty fabrics which I will keep you updated) this is probably enough to keep me busy for a good while. In addition, I cannot wait to get started, because I am excited to work with all of these fabrics and to begin work on my new projects for this year!

Thanks for reading – a new The Making of my Eid dress Post should be up soon!
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