As-salamu alayQum (peace be upon you) Beautiful People 
My name is Annie.
I am a Married Muslim woman Alhumdulillah (Thanks be to ALLAAH).
❤️I love my religion Islam and I respect all other religions❤️
I use to live with my beautiful parents in Pakistan; since I got married, I live in UK
I am a homemaker but I still have routine.
I love my home. In my family chain, there are two most loving people
❤️My Husband and My father-in-Law❤️

I love children, if you see children playing around' you might not recognise me.
We are married for many years but still waiting for our door to be open. We have Faith (",)
Sometime with some people, life adventures push them over the edge but it is totally depending on the strength of their feet. It is on us whether we want to give up or come forward and shine like a star in our own little World. I decided to make my own little world on blogger too, just to share some of me with all of you Lovely people, how I encouraged and learned things myself. I do not know how to start but ' I'm willing to learn and willing to try' I like sketching/creating, writing/reading and when I find something beneficial I love to share. I can sew and are almost completely self-taught. For me much of the joy in creating something is figuring out how to create it, which is why I prefer to learn through trail and error, as opposed to classes (I also use to look at my Mother sewing) I have my Youtube channel Annie Omar thoughts is all about creating, fashion, designing, style, sewing tutorials. I try to explain in my videos the easy way to be our own dress designer. You will mostly find videos of marking, cutting, stitching dresses. Every tutorial is easy and simple to follow. I make my own dresses and share the process.
You can create anything from everything. I love to create something new from old.
❤️My inspiration is My Mother❤️
My biggest wish I want to help needy people, I want to make my own charity chain.
I can feel their pain. I try my best with little, one drop of water becomes river. It is bless to give than to receive.
Although I am a Muslim I never use to pray on daily basis but Alhumdulillah now I never miss my pray. Back in 2010 I went for Umrah (visit a populated place called Makkah) which changed my life. One day I catch a phrase from book,
“Seeking knowledge is a duty upon every Muslim”.
(Sunan Ibn e Majah, Book of Sunnah, Hadith no 224)
After reading, all of a sudden I just wanted to be a Scholar (:
I wanted to know about my religion everything so new me start digging in books, internet, asking knowledgeable people where I end up with two more phrases;
“You cannot enter heaven until you believe,
And you will not truly believe until you (truly) love one another.”
[Muslim, Al-Iman (Faith); 93]
“Not one of you can (truly) believe if you do not want for your brother
What you want for yourself.” [Bukhari, Al-Iman (Faith); 7]
After reading this I start thinking a lot' yes I do believe in oneness of God and His last messenger and yes I do love other people. However, if I truly believe and obviously, I want good tidings for myself so why I do not want it for others?
These questions were stuck in my head for days. The More I read the more emotions build up. I took a step and made a commitment to myself whatever I find beneficial for myself,
"I will do it, write it and pass it" at least, because to aware someone of something good is a good deed and may be some of you needed it through me (: you can find about it on my Facebook page Islam Awareness where I share what I find beneficial.
There were many thoughts in my head. One night to get away from them I started converting into quotes. Next morning I upload on Instagram where some lovely people liking it and giving me direct messages if they can copy or share. This encourages me more and I decided to bring back the girl who write anything in her diary from the age of 14 to improve her English, her ideas. If someone read my notes, they probably saw my words as dancing around on a piece of paper because it did not make any sense... Honestly, my English was not very good and still not but I do try my best to make people understand me. My words are hard to understand but if you go deep, you will find a deep meaning.
I think anyone can be a writer all you need is thoughts, a pen, a paper or nowadays laptop/iPad/iPhone (-: I didn't find a better way to write, share my life, other than blogger.com
At last, I hope my life adventures and my inspirational thoughts might pinch your heart. Always remember never lose hope
You can do anything the way you want
You do not need a Teacher in everything, "You are your own best Teacher".
❤️ Whatever good for your soul, 'do it' ❤️
A ♡ O



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