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In todays post, I am going to share how to cut a Kaftan Abaya. Many of you liked my Kaftan making video and many of the comments were highly requested to make Abaya. I am calling this kaftan Abaya because it is like a kaftan and Abaya. So let us get into the post. 
LINEN FABRIC IN LIGHT PINKThe fabric I am using is Linen and the colour is light pink. Firstly, I fold the fabric in half lengthwise, with the good sides facing inwards. Then I straighten and flatten my fabric out with an iron. One side of the fabric is open and I made a crease on the other side of the fabric that is closed. On this crease, I am going to cut a neckline and measure the length of my sleeves. Then I repeat the process once again by folding the fabric in half lengthwise. Next, I cut off the faulty fabric. It now has four pieces of fabric in layers.If you are making a kaftan then you only need to cut the neckline and stitch by marking bust, waist and hip measurement on the good side of the garment. To make the Kaftan Abaya you have to mark and stitch on the wrong side of the garment. You can watch my detailed video of how to make a kaftan by clicking it. I used my basic bodice pattern in the picture below. My fabric was not wide enough, but just know that the width of the fabric will be going across your shoulders and down your arms, so the wider the fabric, the further down your arm the fabric will hang. This is how I mark the sleeves...
Firstly, I mark wrist-to-wrist length measurement and the front opening of the sleeves. Over here, it was 26-inches long and 10-inches wider. I also add the seam allowance that is 2-inches. In kaftan, Abaya there is no cutting of armholes so I join the marks from wrist to bust. Also, mark the ease. Now one thing I must mention here that keep the armhole fitting loose. The loose armholes are more nicely set on kaftan Abaya. Then I mark the fitting measurement that is bust, waist, and hip. I also add 2 inches seam allowance at the sides. Beneath the armhole, I curve the shape for stitching. I have this measure ruler but if you do not have a simple ruler does the same job. Just make sure give a curve shape towards the bust area for better fitting.
After marking the fitting of the Abaya, I cut the neckline. You can cut your desired shape of your neckline I am keeping it simple. I cut together front and back neckline in round shape then add more depth in front neckline. Next, I am cutting it out starting from wrist to all the way down.If you want an open Abaya, then go ahead and cut the front side by following the crease. I place it on a flat surface and finalise my desired length plus width also add 1-inch to the measurement for the hem allowance. I cut the bottom in curve shape. To get the exact measurement at the bottom of any dress, take the tape measure from top neckline to desired length and move along the bottom edge of garment.Before Stitching, I go ahead and check by placing the Abaya length on myself and that is it for this post. You can also watch my detailed video on youtube or click down below to watch (:

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