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When weather change I change so every season is a great opportunity to share some inspirational thoughts. I love the slow change from green to orange to red to brown during the months of autumn...
Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you doing. I hope you are doing well. Few weeks ago, I have been tag for the fall favourite's yay. I received a notification on twitter from one of the bubbly chat buddy Honey. In her blog, she share what she love to do' hair, makeup, skin, fashion, nails, diy and tips. If you are interested then must check out her blog at The magic world of Royal Lifestyle by Honey and follow her on Twitter @Honey_KJ - Instagram @anitsirk_ j. She tags me to do the fall favourite's post. I love reading these because we get to know the person more. You were kind to tag me. I am happy to answer the questions and thankful for it. If you want to read, her post then click - Here..."Autumn's the mellow time." William Allingham
I truly believe it and can feel the cycle of nature. I always think deep when weather changes. Every season is an opportunity to find something new within you. Nothing is more beautiful to me than walking down a long road with tress full of leaves on either side. Here are some things I love about autumn.

Favourite Candle
Warm up with autumn's best candles and fragrances.
For a candle lover, fall is one of the best seasons to burn candles. Visit Bath & Body Works is putting out some awesome candles and are fast becoming a favourite for seasonal candles. Autumn Day is another great fall scented candle but I love spiced apple toddy...

Favourite Eye Make-up
Wearing dark lips then I like to keep it simple on eyes. No eye shadow, Collection fast stroke brown eyeliner (matte) and a bit of mascara with bold eyebrows.
Favourite Lipstick
I love putting Medora Garnet (204) in fall. It is a deep maroon in matte finish and has good staying power (my two favourite lipsticks)...
Favourite Nail Varnish
Craze NP411 Transformer is one of my favourite fall nail varnish (my spring favourite nail polish)
Favourite Piece Of Clothing/Footwear
Starting of autumn I use to wear long fluffy cardigans now switch to bomber jackets and when it gets chilli I add a velvet blazer over my summer dresses to take them into fall. I love to wear scarves but autumn is the month I start wearing warm beanies and bobble hats. I like to wear ankle boots; sometime I wear my dolly shoes too.
Favourite Accessories
When it comes to jewellery, wristwatch is my every season favourite. In fall and winter, I do not wear any necklaces other then studs in my ears and rings.
Favourite Drink
I will always go for a big cup of tea. However, when it gets cold, I make homemade cappuccino finish off with whip cream, chocolate chips and sometime marshmallows.
Favourite TV Show
My all time favourite TV show is Friends. I am obsessed. My morning starts with big cup of milky tea and an episode of friends. I just cannot get enough. I also like to watch Come dine with me. Recently I started The Missing (broadcasting on BBC 1)
Favourite Halloween Costume
I am not a Halloween person. We do not celebrate it. It will be shocking to most of you |: but I like watching horror movies (only if someone/something is covering my back hehe)
Favourite Moments
On Friday, I love to bake cake or something especially in end of autumn and winter. We order takeaway, get cosy and watch loads of random things. More long hot baths in the evenings. Wearing more jammies. Rainy days under the duvet (on my phone). Evenings get darker. My favourite moment is long drives on crispy autumn leaves at night in PJs, not knowing where we going to end up (:
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Thank you once again Honey (sorry for delay) you are a sweetheart and have fun beautifuls! I look forward to seeing all your blog posts. Make sure to send me your links. Happy fall (: Positive vibes x!
~Be Patient Be Positive~ A♡O

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  1. AWWW Thank you so much for your love and tagging me further ....
    I love fall season, agree with you on Halloween yes we do not celebrate Halloween
    With love n kisses

    1. Thank you beautiful and enjoy fall ♡ x!

  2. I just love your intro (and the first picture!)! You're too kind ♥
    I'm just glad you got the time and did this.
    we agree on the brown eyeliner, bold darker lipsticks and accessories :D also, I really like Friends too, but I never actually watched it all from the beginning to the end...
    also, your favorite moments sound amazing *__*

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. ;) Of course, I love the tags I will always make time for it. Yaaas we have some common things. You have to watch full series it is worth it. I put it on repeat in my life ha-ha my husband gets very annoyed sometime. Thank you and happy fall ♡ x!




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