🍲 Desi Bhindi (Okra) 🍲


My Desi Bhindi Recipe And A Small Trick To Make In Less Time
(Easy Recipe For Beginners Too)
First thing to rinse bhindi/okra well and let them dry on their own. When they are dry, I cut the end bits and chop them in 1 or 2-inche pieces...A trick to make in less time
This is my home-made tomato paste for Asian dishes. I posted a post about how it can save a lot of time for hard working wives, Mothers whose family love Asian foods. It is also a good idea if you have many of these ingredients in fridge and you know they do not stay fresh for a long time but you can make it into paste and freeze them. Here is my previous post if you want to read - Learning Cooking/How to make tomato pasteHeat 2 to 4tbsp of oil and add the bhindi (okra/lady finger)...Fry or saute bhindi in oil, till they are less slimy and sticky (you can see slimy threads in picture below)...After 5 mins...Here I am adding home made tomato paste which have all the dry spices in it...Stir mixture well...This is what I love adding in my bhindi. Onions and capsicum. Sometime I add carrot (shredded)...When bhindi is almost cooked then I add onion and capsicum...Stir the whole mixture well. I cook bhindi for 2-3 minutes...Garnish with crushed kasuri methi/fresh coriander. Serve with hot chapati (:
I forgot to take picture while serving (opsi he-he) Share your bhindi recipe, would love to try something different x!
A ♡ O

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  1. That bhindi looks mouth watering. My mum makes that for me like all the time. Amazing share Ann will be so helpful for many. :)

    1. It is my favourite dish to make and to eat. Yes cannot beat mothers cooking ;) Thank you so much Geet ♡ x!

  2. O wow! That is a meal idea for the next week. Your idea of freezing the tomato paste sounds awesome. I'll try that. To save time, buy the bhindis from Tesco. The frozen ones are already cut, either big or small like you used here. Saves a lot of time and tastes equally good as the fresh ones.

    Fatima | www.blogsbyfa.com

    1. Please share your bhindi recipe with me (DM me on twitter) I always look for something different. Trust me, make the paste it is a life easier idea ;) I use to get frozen packs from Asda, to be honest once you defrost them they get more slimy. AAfter that incident, I stopped buying frozen vegetables. I never tried from Tesco, will give a go♡ x!




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