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Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you doing well. Today I am sharing how to make braided headband from left over fabric. This headband was to go with summer fairy dress for my niece Minahil. Here are my previous posts related to this theme -
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Here is how I made braided headband from left over fabric.
You will need four stripes (strip of fabric)
Thin elastic
Needle-thread (machine stitch)
Flowers (decorate to your own liking)
Glue gun (to ease the process)
Cut four strip of fabric, making sure one strip of fabric is wider then other ones in width. For example, one strip of fabric width is about 1.5-inches and length roughly 5-inches. This strip of fabric is going to be close to the back of neck…
Then cut three long strip of fabric. Width about 1-inch and length roughly 12-inches (for braiding) Longer the length is better; you can cut the extra fabric. It is better to finalize head measurement after finish working with the stripes...
Sew the seam leaving less then an inch allowance with machine stitch and take the strip of fabric inside out with the help of needle-thread. Take the needle-thread and secure the one end of fabric. Put the needle (wrong side inwards) through the strip of fabric to the other end and pull the fabric out. You will leave with neat and clean strip of fabric...Secure the ends together of three same sized stripes with needle-thread to start braiding. After braiding, take your head measurement and cut the extra fabric of both stripes. This is how it end up looking...Take the other strip of fabric and slightly infold the fabric inwards. Now take your thin elastic through the strip of fabric. Take your braided stripe place it inside of the folded strip of fabric and thin elastic. Secure it with pin to keep in place...
This is going to be a tricky part when sewing thin elastic. Because of it's invisibility it kind of make hard for me to sew with fabric. It was only four-inch long strip of fabric. It will be a lot easier if you use elastic thread. My machine did not take elastic thread. If your machines do not say no to elastic thread then the entire problem will be solve. You can hand stitch too but I prefer it to sew with machine for stronger grip....If you are using thin elastic, stretch it while sewing. Starting from one end to the other and secure it the same way like the first end...The elastic is invisible from both sides because it is inside the strip of fabric and it will help to stretch while putting on to head...Finish off with some flowers by using glue gun or you can hand-stitch too. Here is the link;
✂️👚 How I made fabric flowers 👚✂️You can decorate this to your own liking. Have a little fun creating your own fabric accessories in the perfect style and colours. Would love to read your thoughts down below beautiful's x!
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Flower Braided Headband Tutorial
My youtube channel - www.youtube.com/ AnnieOmarThoughts

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