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Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you doing well. Welcome to third and final series of making a summer fairy dress. The post that we all are waiting for, well do not know about you but I was really excited to finish this project and could not wait to finally share with you (:
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Let us flashback of my previous posts. In my first series of dressmaking, I did all the basic sewing of dress. For example, I made undergarment, dress blouse and skirt (bottom piece of dress)In my second series of dressmaking I share how I made ruffle flowers and which fake flowers I chose to put on to my dress...Now it is time to put these flowers on to skirt. I am using this glue gun, which is probably an easy way to put flowers on to dress. The only reason I was somewhat worried that flowers might not stay on but then I realise even if they fall' it will still give a look of fall flowers in dress ;)...This is the skirt underlining fabric...Have to be careful with the hot glue. I place a plate under the fabric hehe (in case glue stick to my carpet)I section them into three categories. Towards the front side of dress, I wanted a big bunch of flowers, on each side of dress a bunch of small and then filling with some floating petals...This bunches of flowers are going to be each side of the dress...Filling the gaps with some more flowers and petals...Then adding some small flowers towards the upside of dress (so it kind of give floating look and not too clean)I let the glue dry for few minutes and remove the strings of glue with the fabric brush...It is time to gather those two baste stitch on skirt into waist measurement...Once I gather fabric nice and even I pin them together so it will be easier to sew it with the blouse...This is how the bottom seam of dress looks. Remember I also baste stitch the bottom of skirt!And that is how it looks after gathering the fabric (you do not have to gather bottom of skirt into the waist measurement, this is for just a little effect of wrinkles' I hope I said that right)Once I was happy with the shape I pin the side seam together before sewing with the blouse...Then I move on to few touches of blouse. First I hand stitch neckline strip of fabric...Since this dress is so eye catcher on the bottom because of flowers, I decided to keep simple on blouse. But with the neckline I wanted to give a look of beads necklace and just few pleats on sleeves so it don’t look too simple...It took me 25 minutes to finish this look...sleeves pleatsPersonally, I would not wear this kind of dress pleats because it makes me look bigger :D I will wear it if my waist is under 16-inches ha-ha) But for little girls it looks so cute' they definitely look like a fairy. This is how the dress pleats on waist look...This is how the bottom of dress looks...And the back look...Summer Fairy DressHopefully I will upload Eid lookbook soon. Any thoughts I will be happy to read them. I really like how the net fabric covers up the fake flowers and give a unique look. This is an Eid gift for my niece. I tried my best to explain in simple and easy way of making this kind of dress. I really hope these series help to make a dress for your own little fairies (: x!
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