✂️πŸ‘šThe making of a summer fairy dress - part 2πŸ‘š✂️


Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How you are doing! I hope you are doing well. Welcome to second series of making a summer fairy dress. If you are a new reader than you can read my first series of this project here - ✂️πŸ‘šThe making of a summer dress - part 1πŸ‘š✂️ (If you do not like to read then skip this to watch a video down below or you can see on right side of the page there is my youtube play list Fashion designing' you can watch videos by clicking it). If you find flowers beautiful then you are going to love this post by looking at the pictures because even thou they were fake, I could not stop myself from taking pictures of them ((:
First I will share How I make fabric flowers
Making lots of long stripes from left over fabric. Stripes width is about 2-inches and length 6o-inches or the more it is the bigger flower. Unfortunately, I have less fabric left over so I made small stripes from pieces and join them together to make one long strip of fabric. I will explain further...Making sure to iron the fabric, that crease is going to give neat look on flower...This is just an example of making different patterns or roses from stripes...I am not going to make this fabric rose because I want ruffle flower for dress...Here I sew the small stripes together and made one long strip of fabric. If you have enough fabric, then it will save a lot of time...I am using this thin elastic. But if you do not have any thin elastic or elastic thread, just sew a straight baste stitch(a long loose stitch) along one side and then start gathering in your strip of fabric nice and even (I have explain practically in video)Securing the end of elastic then stretching elastic as I sew (making sure leave half an inch seam allowance for hand stitch)This is how it look... 

Now the fun part begins, making this strip of fabric into a ruffle flower...Starting at one end, begin rolling the strip of fabric. After a few layers I hand stitch the bottom part of my flower together...This is the back look of flower. See the half an inch seam allowance is helping to hold flower while rolling the strip of fabric and to secure it...After I have rolled up my flower a few times, I put a few stitches through the bottom to hold it together. Repeat this process over and over again until all the strip of fabric has been rolled and secured by stitching. Knot it off, fluff it up a bit and it is done. Here is the final look of my ruffle flowers...I made few small ones for another project...Are you ready to see beautiful colourful flowers! (:I separated them from stem and cut the end bits with scissor...Well that is it for the second series of making a summer fairy dress. If you are liking my work then follow me here and subscribe to my youtube channel to never miss a post/video. I am trying my fully best to finish this dress as soon as possible. Thank you for always coming back beautiful's (: x!
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