Asalam u alaiqum (peace be upon you) Beautiful people 
How are you doing! Today, I am going to show you how I have a nice At Home Spa / Pamper! Who don't love those? They are the best thing in the world, especially after a stressful moments. It's always good to pamper yourself. This is my monthly routine and I will also explain my weekly pampering as I go. Let us get to it!
As some of you know when it comes to buying high quality products/things I'm the one who purchase after years I try my fully best to save the money and give it to someone who is more valuable then using on myself. Don't get me wrong this is my personal opinion only to myself. I'm writing here because I share my inspirational thoughts on my blog. Basically I will share with you some things which I like to use and some things which even if I don't have’ what I do at home to get the same result in less budget.I only put effort in these pictures to have fun organise and click them to share with you. Normally these things stay in my bathroom cabinet. I do not set up like this in my room and start my pamper (ha-ha) In reality is totally different but the feeling of cleanness, softness and peace is real.
We have to start with a fresh smell around us, because it could not be a spa without one. I'm using candle warmer, which smells so sweet and fresh. These fragrance oil reminds me of the smell of fresh showers.
Next up is to listening which soothes you in relaxation. There is always a time for meditation. I love using my iPhone and sometime my little apple iPod if I don'tt want it too loud.
We obviously have to be wearing fuzzy robes, because it just makes you feel more pampered. This step may not feel completely necessary and often times I just option for some good old’ pj’s, but we are going all out and getting in complete “pamper mode” right now, so robes are very much necessary. Get your robe on, girl!How could we forget our beverage? I think this is just the final change to feeling fabulous. Having a cute delicious drink will make you feel extra relaxed and fancy. I am just drinking orange squash. I would usually go for some chocolates, crisps and coke because of all the hard work I will be putting in to get me pampered' I will be pretty tired!
(Just kidding)Let us see what we have in this drawer and what I pick first.I always start off with my hair because by the time I finish my other things it give my hair enough time to have fun with whatever I put on my head (: This is a coconut milk tin. This is for drinking. I thought if it gives you healthy benefits when you drink it then I must use directly on my hair to get quicker results (he-he) I tried once and loved it. It leaves my hair very smooth...I always end up collecting cute jars and bottles. Easy way to use the coconut milk onto your hair is to use in any spray bottle. I pour milk into the bottle. I divide my hair into sections and spray unto my roots from front to back of my head. When my hair is fully covered, I put on an old beanie or a scarf wrapped around my head...and you know the trick of mayonnaise? Eating mayonnaise is not good for your body but it is very good for your hair and by that, I mean putting onto your hair. Yes! If you did not try it then what are you waiting for beautiful. I use them every four to eight weeks. One month I use coconut milk on my hair and the second month I use mayonnaise. If I feel my hair is not healthy I use it every week. There is nothing wrong to buy full fat mayonnaise bottle anymore...
My weekly hair routine is a mixture of five oils in one bottle. This is the idea of my Sweet Mother(peace be upon you ammi jaan) I put this on every Friday before getting into bathtub (Yes I know this is a bottle of hand cleaner but I washed it very well' I promise)...

Next I move on to my teeth and eyebrows
I bought this from boots and it does work well. I do not have to go deep with this we all know how to use this right!
But I will go deep to explain using baking soda for teeth, also known as sodium bicarbonate, is composed of a chemical compound that makes it a great mild abrasive. This same abrasiveness effectively removes surface stains from your teeth and makes them appear white. Another best thing is salt. I have gingivitis (an inflammation of the gums) The best cure I found is salt with few drops of olive oil. I brush my teeth every week with it (that turmeric bottle suppose to be salt bottle in the picture below ha-ha-ha)
Sometime I tweeze and sometime I wax my eyebrows with Veet wax strips. I make wax at home for my legs and arms. If you want to read how I make wax and how I do my eyebrows then you can read my previous post here - Home Made Hair Removal Wax. When your eyebrows are in good shape' tinting them will make it look complete. I use this eylure dylash in black and dark brown. I mix them both together and make different tone, which give my eyebrows not black or brown colour but a gorgeous different colour. I have tried their dark brown but I was not satisfied so I give a go by mixing them together and liked it. It only stays on for couple of days but it is totally worth it for wedding occasions or for fun. You can use this on eyelashes too. Personally, I did not see much difference on eyelashes but it is worth it for eyebrows...If I do not have wax I also have a backup...This bad girl is with me for a very long time ha-ha. It is very painful but you get use to it after a while. I really like the idea of how we can use it in shower and bathtub. Yes! It does work very well, only down side is to deal with the pain but using this in bathtub full of warm water really soothes down the pain...After my teeth and eyebrows I move on to the face. You probably know I am loving this face wash at the moment (My spring skincare haul) to cleanse skin, I rinse my face and neck in lukewarm water...This is one of my favourites. After rinsing my face I use this deep cleansing with a cotton round all over my face and neck...Then I dot the cleanser cream on my forehead, cheeks, chin and neck. Massage the product into my face and neck in a circular motion for at least a minute, making sure to get around the nose and the chin. This smells like fresh fruit in a bowl...Then I massage my pores even more with this multi action cleanser with cucumber. I clean my face and neck with a facial sponge by dipping in warm water...There are several ways to exfoliate your skin. In this jar, I have sugar. Yes! A sugar that we use for tea. I also use it as a face scrub. This is DIY at home easy peasy face scrub idea. It works the best. It leaves my skin very smooth in one minute. If you do not believe me, try to let me know. I come up with this when I was out of face scrub. I use this thrice a week on my face/neck and every week on my legs. The reason I use it on my legs because I have experienced bad in growing hair problem. Sugar and pumice stone works the best to exfoliate my skin...To use sugar all you have to do, wet your face with warm water or apply your favourite face wash, take enough sugar on your palm to cover your face. Apply gently in a circular motion on your face/neck. Using your fingers, concentrate on the areas around your nose and forehead or if you have combination skin, work harder on the areas that tend to be greasy. Rinse your face with warm water...There are several ways to steam face. I do this weekly in bathtub, dip a washcloth in warm water and press to my face repeating 3-6 times. My monthly pampering is by boiling water in a kettle. Fill my bowl with hot water. I add few drops of herb oil peppermint or sprig of rosemary. I place a large towel over my head and the bowl. I steam my face for at least 5 minutes. The more I steam the easier to take out my stubborn nose black heads...This tiny tool works great for blackhead removal. Every girl must have this...The final step for my face is a mask. Yes an egg white mask. I love how it leaves my skin refreshed, clean with a “healthy glow”It is very easy to make. Whip one egg without yolk with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply to face and neck. Let it dry for a few minutes. When this mask dries, I can actually feel my skin tighten up so I think it helps to close pores too. I clean my face with a sponge by dipping in warm water...Here is the other thing I wanted to share with you, a baking soda facemask. Add one tablespoon of baking soda and orange juice but water will work too, mix well then apply on your face. Let it dry for few minutes. Rinse off with cold water. This will sting a little bit, it is normal but do test on a small area before trying this. I do this every week it removes all the dirt, oil and leave pores clean...By the time my facemask dries, I do my manicure and pedicure. I soak my hands and feet for five minutesNow, time to exfoliate! I use sugar and gently scrub away the dead, dry cells. Rinse off and pat dry. Soften my cuticles by rubbing a bit of baby/olive oil for one minute. When they are soft, I go ahead and push them back and if there is extra dead skin, I cut it. I give my nails a shape and buff it off (if you are thinking what alum doing in the picture, I use it after threading my lips. They say alum is good for reducing hair)How can we forget our body? You probably know this already. Gram flour mask is the best mask for your skin and affordable for full body mask...I add flour and half-teaspoon turmeric powder in the bottle. Then mix it with combination of milk and water. I apply on my arms, chest and legs. Great for all skin types, but warning, it is quite difficult to get off of your skin once it dries. I always end up splashing water all over my entire bathroom when I only put it on my face (Whoops) but if you have bathtub nothing to worry about...This bottle was a sauce bottle. However, I use it for this, it is so easy to mix and less messy for me to apply mask...
Next is the most obvious thing that we simply MUST do on a pamper day! This is the moment I love to do every Friday and some other days when am tired and need relaxation. Nothing can beat hot long bath, other then full body massage. Massages are quite expensive in UK and hot baths are free (: hmm not free technically, we are paying water bill. Oh well less expensive :DI added bath bomb, which you cannot see in the picture but if you look closely, it is deep inside close to the second flower he-he I make bath bombs at home just for fun. I will try to write another post and share with you hopefully ( saying in my head, I cannot promise)A bath! (with some bubbles, of course) I am using Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, from Lush. You can also buy from amazon and ebay...Don't worry my body is in natural colour :DAfter 30 to 40 minutes, I am too relaxed to do the rest but there is nothing much left to do other then washing your hair mask with shampoo. Nothing too fancy *sniffs* It smells so good thou...I then use my body wash with handle loofah (for back) and exfoliating gloves to get supah clean!I also wanted to share, body exfoliation using a pumice stone. How it help me reduce a lot of ingrown hair on my legs. Here is my previous post if you like to read - Body exfoliation using a pumice stoneOnce I am finished with my relaxing bath, I put my hair up in my little twisty towel. And of course, we have to moisturize, so I use this, an extra rich moisturising lotion from Nivea. I have been using this for years. It leaves my skin smooth and soft...
Now, for the grand finale of our perfect pamper day, you must be thinking' do the most pampery of pamper things… paint our nails! Girl you are right but personally, I do not paint my nails because I pray. Now let us just not get into religiously debate but when I am on break and by break you know what I mean, I love to put nail varnish on!So, there you have what I love to do for my At-Home Spa / Pamper. Now, it is your turn, so go ahead, woman, pamper yourself. You deserve it! I will talk to you sisters next time x! A ♡ O

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  1. Such a detailed post, I loved it!
    Thanks for sharing some DIY masks, will try them :)

    xo Honey

    1. Thank you so much beautiful and good luck (: ♡ x!

  2. Such and informative and detailed post. The best I have read on a 'pamper day' so far! I love massages and hot baths but it's difficult for me to take out time for all this. Perhaps I can do it when my child starts school. I will definitely try out your DIY face masks soon.

    Fatima |

    1. You can tell how bored I was :D Definitely tries the masks they are worth it
      (: ♡ x!




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