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Poundland Nail Polishes Plus Review - Each - £1

So yes I have spend £5 in Pound land few weeks ago. I needed one nice red nail polish and I made my mind up from house that this time I will spend good money towards it. I'm one of old, fashion lover of red lips and red nail polish. These two must stay in my makeup collection. Therefore, when I walked in pound land to get Ribena drink I look through the makeup section this happen he-he-he My eyes catch two colours one was obviously red and the second one gorgeous coral. Uh amazing! Shall we get started on how they look on?Ruby Red -16 - Make Up Gallery / Quick DryI am in total love with Make Up gallery collection. It contains high shine. It stayed on for good 5 hours am only saying 5 hours because I washed some dishes and it chipped a little bit on one nail (washing dishes or if you are going to a pool party do not recommend this to wear) It quickly dries. I have timed to see the result and with a single coat, it literally was dry within one minute and six seconds. So far I was happy until the thought pinch my mind, is it going to leave red stain on my nails? However, when I take it off with nail remover I was happy to see that there was no stain on my nail. Coral Craze -13 - Make Up GalleryThis is going to be my second favourite colour and for spring first. Imagine this will look gorgeous on your hands when the sun is out. I cannot wait to wear it out. Just Uh amazing!Winter white - 2 - Makeup GalleryTo be fair I'm not happy with this one. When I apply it, just one layer is not enough to get the intense colour that I like. I don't mean that it does not look good just applying one layer, as it actually does look nice but I prefer the same white colour that actually seen in the bottle.
First LayerSecond LayerThird layerMaybelline New York By ColoramaMaybelline New York polish has a good price also from a well known brand. Therefore I was quite shocked to see in pound land shop. It does look good just applying one layer, however to get the intense and shiny colour apply two coats. The time it takes to dry is average, as it is not one of those quick dry products. However, once dry the results is very nice and smooth. It's even difficult to get the typical bubbles that can appear sometime while painting your nail.Spanish Moss - 190 - Revlon
At first, I was thinking it has yellowish kind of effect in the bottle. May be it's old that is why sitting in pound land lol. It is a very big and an international recognised company, which produces much kind of cosmetics. I decided to give a go and find out that it's a beautiful looking colour. At the end Coral by Make up Gallery is going to be my Spring Favourite colour. Have you decided your spring nail polish yet?

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  1. I love shopping at Poundland ! Miss the bargains especially on branded makeup

    1. Glad to hear I am not the only one, Thank you so much for showing your support lovely (:Whenever you buy something from there share a post I will be happy to read thru x!

  2. I love shopping at Poundland ! Miss the bargains especially on branded makeup




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