💌 Going Abroad To See My Mother.. Need Your Help! 💌


I am not active on my blog because of so much thoughts running around in my head I can not figure it out where to start, what to do.. Taking bit by bit will help a lot says on internet! As some of you know who reads my blog that my mother my Ammi Ji is not well (if you don't know then read my previous blog HERE) read it please because only then you will understand this blog and can help me out. Yes, I really really need your help..
She is saying to me when you coming? come and meet me )': On phone it sound like she is loosing hope, she is breaking down because of this illness and I'm really heart broken to hear those words because I know how strong she is! I am going for three months to be with her; to give comfort may be release the pain a bit! Can I do that?  Being with her might be less painful for her or for me. Do not know... My mind is full of tangled threads…

It was very hard for me to make a decision to go when my husband also had a car accident. We are very grateful to Allah (God) that he has a new life (Thanks To Allaah)… I do not know if I should show pictures here or not :/ even the police officer said you are very lucky to be alive. BMW is the most powerful car in the world. Yep my boo dream car is going to be demolished I still remember the shine of happiness on his face when he first got it. He has bruises and a rib injury… Every time he puts pressure on stomach or chest it hurts, he also had a back injury from childhood this made it worse. He has been on medication and feeling a lot better then before so little less pressure on me, I guess! It is painful and stressful days for us but we have to get through this…

You might or might not know him this you tuber DOSEofFOUSEY Yousef Saleh Erakat I watch his vlogs where he shared videos about road to day 90-weight loss motivation. In his vlogs he actually make a lot effort to lose weight, to be healthy, to take a step away from addiction, to gain happiness from depression and he proved everything in 90 days, I kind of want to do that for my mother too. It is a coincidence I didn't plan for 90 days but I hope this journey can do the same for my mother with my efforts and she become one healthy women or at least ease the pain and make her happy.. I really am going to do the best I can.

Anyway, this will be my last blog until I come back happy! I am praying and wishing badly that my mother got better so we can spend joyful days together but deep down there is a part of me saying it will not be the same. I will try my fully best to be active on tweeter, I will be looking forward for any information that you think will be very helpful so do not hesitate tweeting me @Annie_Omar. Anything related to healthy diet or comfort you know how badly we need it, just imagine a thirsty girl who has been looking for water and when she take a first sip? That is the feeling you will go to help me get it. I will be very thankful.
Also as always do keep her/us in your pray.
"There are millions of us who can become one"

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