Review:🎀 Day 2 night Mascara 🎀


A magical wand for us beautiful girls (*:
Multi-tasking, 2 in 1 mascara  is in black & has a brush wand. I've always been a brush wand girl. I just feel it grips the eyelashes more.
Top cap: Ultra-lengthened lashes.
Bottom cap: Thickens lashes with voluptuous.
ROP: £ 7.99
I really like the outcome, it definitely divides the lashes & it really multiples.
Top cap brush wand, I really like this for an everyday natural look, as it really does look like you have naturally black, pretty lashes. I would recommend this to younger girls who might be wearing mascara to school, as it wears well throughout the day and doesn't look too dramatic and doesn't clump. Personally, I love my lashes to be lengthened a little more, which the bottom cap do the job.
Here is the picture with three coats and tbh you can go on and on for dramatic look :D
These are just my personal views, I've purchased this from boots and wanted to share it with you!
You can find this product online or in boots shop.
I hope you found it somewhat helpful x!

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