O dear I haven't written for a while!
There are two reasons;

  • My laptop is messing around
  • My mind is not being stable
  • First, let me take my all frustration on my laptop. Lately its been messing with me I think it decided to do the same like every other thing is not going all right :( every time I unplug my charger, it's battery show %40. I put it back in start charging but then when I take it out same thing happen again so atm I'm on my laptop with the charger plug in lol it is really annoying me. I know I have to take it to get it fixed but my excuse is it's raining outside and I don't want to leave my bed... hehe

  • Secondly, I do not know what is wrong with me but I know this that something is not right with me :( I want my friend or someone here to talk with me. Unfortunately, I do not have any friends (that is why I am addicted to social media like Instagram/facebook/twitter). There is so much stuff going in my head I cannot stop thinking even for a bit. I made this blog so I can share me with you but I do not know how to open up. I will try because I always bring positively even when things going negative. But some days are like that you know when everything is spilling on kitchen floor, you think a cup of coffee and a toast will cheer you up… saying to myself I need to go on a diet but eating a lot food, it's a good thing that Ramadaan is here if anyone of you don't know what Ramadaan is.. it's a month of fasting in our religion anyway I don't even know what I'm writing, thinking that someone will read this "my boring blog" I'm going to go now I want to write allot but because of my laptop battery is getting worse, look its plugged in but not even charging :((Any of you know what is wrong with it do let me know so I do not have to go out hehe.. I also find out that they have a blogger app for mobile I cannot wait to try... I may not be active a lot on my website but I am on other social media 

  • Twittering/Facebooking/Instagraming (:

Omg twitter/facebook/instagram is sooo addictive!

hey if you got add me links are on my blog page 'contact'
❤️ ❤️

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