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My husband and me making plan to go on a beach for past few days because of fasting it won't be as much fun as we are not fasting ((: I Love eating outside when we go for outing. I decided to go for mini outfit shopping. Usually, when I go out shopping I really have to hunt for something good and sometime my eyes catch quickly... However, yesterday, I was throwing things in my basket. At the end, I have to minus allot of stuff because it was full of jewellery... Ha-ha Sorry about the lighting in the pictures, sun was playing hide and seek with me!
Anyway, here are some of the things I got from Matalan...I know it's not a lot but I want to share. Lets start one by one (:
White Chiffon Fabric 4yard rrp: £4This fabric is not from Matalan so I thought I would take this out from the picture first. Birmingham in summer is just perfect and I needed a simple but cute outfit, every dress were nice in Matalan but they were a bit pricey for my budget so I decided to get this white chiffon fabric from the market in town. The woman I usually buy my sewing things from is so sweet and very nice to me (: she charged me £1 per yard normally they charge you £1.65 or £2.50 per yard, it is totally depending on the quality. This popular fabric is bright soft and a pleasure to work with, cannot wait to make it and show you. What do you think I should design? I am thinking a long maxi dress or a jumpsuit.
Summer Sparkly Bangles rrp: £2.50Stud rrp: £1 (Aqua minty and white colour)These sandals in net, featuring a rope wrapped high heel, ankle strap and a heel cup.. This was really good for the price I'm actually really happy with this...
RRP: £8A summer bag is the perfect accessory for the pool or beach, this bag is designed in a bold, catching design with rope handles. Isn't this cute?
RRP: £6This is how it look from inside, plenty of room to put beachy things right..And at last new flowers for the vaze family heheTwo Artificial flower stem each cost £1
I know if I did not buy flower I could have put two pound towards my dress but I really like them and sometime it is good to treat your home too. I did quite all right do not you think, under £25... Will update about my dress soon (:
❤ Fun Time ❤️

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